Let The Games Begin , Cheers

Every thing is set , well ……everything ???

The first Buddy venues are reporting present for a hell of a party , The first Breweries acknowledged their presence The Grand Market looks more beautiful then ever before . (it has new lightning) for an even better  experience in the evening hours of our event.

city hall 450 years


So with another 27 days and one hour  to go it already “looks”  good !

more news in the video blog this afternoon .The weather looks so great !

Oh , there was some discussion on twitter over the first buddies and whether it was gossip or truth, We can confirm the first selection of venues presented to join .

and here the Proud Participants  are :



But we need more so start getting your crew and crowd together and PARTICIPATE !!!

Cheers for now

, cheers

If anybody ‘s familiar with organisations or companies in need of an audience for their sponsorship on a big screen and /or by web streaming , please let us know asap, two cheers


The Last week (this year) to join the Intern. Beerfestival AC/BC in Antwerp

and it’s all based on a dream I had 3and a half year ago

The Last week to convince you to join us as a beer-brew-participant for the International Beer-festival AC/BC in Antwerp on 19-20-21 september , So here comes the frank, and direct way to get you in Antwerp !

The Location 

Last friday (22 august) night on the same venue (Groenplaats, Antwerp)

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Our (yours & mine) : Social reach 

The templates, pic’s and posters that will invade our  social media Reach (not definite , neither perfect and accurate yet , but will be in a week )


bel biervlag bolle grote markt dare dreaming groenplaats bel hol inplanting  acbc 2014 3 augustus NL met gastland Nederland inplanting DROOM Postkaart 3 Bol stadhuis SEC geel rond het stadhuis en kleiner 2


The Input and efforts of our Dutch Brewing & Beer-minded Neighbours & colleagues 

BASIS POSTER met vlag achtergrond 3 en ENG BASIS POSTER met vlag achtergrond 3 en juist inplanting  acbc 2014 3 augustus NL met gastland Nederland inplanting DROOM postkaart 2 antwerp by night sec 15 aug groen Postkaart 3 Bol stadhuis SEC geel Postkaart 3 Bol stadhuis SEC Postkaart acbc 1 Teaser postkaart groenplaats bel hol met onbekenden



The city of Antwerp 

  •  a lot of bars & restaurants
  •  No closing Hours for café’s , bars & clubs !
  • average price of a Pint of (good) Lager in a pub : 4 € (euro)

– average price of a decent Belgian beer (  a Trappist or a Duvel )   in a pub : 3.50 € (euro)

This is the beer list  of the bar ON the Groenplaats

scan bol beers bottles 1 scan bol beers bottles 2 scan bol beers bottles 3 scan bol beers draught

To be brief :

a perfect place , the perfect people, the perfect mentality


for info

CALL ME, ( or mail), ( preferably ) NOW ,   please

+32 492 198 303



cheers to you all

den buro

from our team & myself and to all the people you love & you  2 : a well meant

cheers logo

YOU can do more wonderful & good things with goodhearted BEER LOVERS and common beer-lievers because we have love & joy in every cheers and not only when the shares go up.

Also check find us and see how we will change the world in the years to come …

Ready to go ‘Wild’ with us? New Beer by “Halve Maan”


Brouwerij De Halve Maan is very happy to see the enthusiasm of its customers about the new beer, but don’t go totally WILD just yet! Our newest Straffe Hendrik is fermented with wild yeast. Brewing beer this way adds an additional level of complexity to the process, as it takes time for the wild yeast to fully develop and do its job. This means that our stocks are currently blocked in our warm cellar and are not ready to be tasted yet. Patience for another two months or so will be necessary, but we promise it will be well worth it. Follow us closely for updates about possibilities to order!

Source Facebookpage “De Halve Maan”

Straffe Hendrik wild

Straffe Hendrik wild


Thanks to you ! More than 20.000 Beer Lovers in 160 (yes ! 160 !!!) Countries : WE WON (round one?)

In former publications we gave  attention to the Saving of Rochefort beer and the Tridaine spring in Rochefort, Belgium


Thanks to you ! More than 20.000 Beer Lovers in 160 (yes, 160 !!!) Countries : WE WON (round one)

cheers logocheers we winround one

Press release : Source : Belga
Philippe Henry , the Walloon Minister of Environment, has revoked the license Lhoist had got to perform in the quarry ” Carrière de la Boverie ” Rochefort ( Province of Namur ) . Pump tests from earlier The abbot of the Abbey of Notre Dame de Saint – Remy in Rochefort , where the eponymous Trappist beer is brewed, says he is delighted with the news . The tests would bring brewing Trappist at risk. Lhoist that hoped to expand the quarry does not understand the decision.
According to the company it will have to cease operations if it can not expand in ten years. That would be the loss of 468 direct and indirect jobs mean . In October last year Lhoist was granted a license , but the defenders of the source had appealed against . According to the abbey brings an expansion of the quarry Tridaine source , which supplies the water for the beer , at risk.

Minister Henry says there is no evidence that the works will not compromise water quality. Endangered Lhoist assures again that met all the required conditions by the various parties in their proposal , and that it will look to obtain the license. Asap possibilities Industrial group requires a constructive dialogue with the Abbey , to arrive at a respectful solution .

So we would like to thank all our petition-beer-peeps wherever you may be , & Thank you Mr. Philippe Henry for making this wise and courageous decision.

Our Opinion : Respecting Traditional Beer Brewing and protecting Nature should be as natural as.. Cheers

watching the matter closely

Beer Fans Worldwide