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HELLO THERE , just mail us or fill in the form at the bottom of this page  & we will get back to you asap !!!

You are all welcome , all you need is a webcam & Skype connection, We’ll get you the Posters, some Recipes & a live Festival from Antwerp, Belgium.

You just got to invite your costumers or your friends &  get some delicious REAL Belgian Beer in  your place and get ready to join us for a global Pub crawl

Belgian Beer Day 2015 on April 4 2015….

Belgian Beer Day will be a worldwide celebration on April 4 2015, and we are looking for at least 12-20 venues around the globe to join us for a Live Stream & Skype Toasts between the City of Antwerp’s main Square and your venue, bar , party or festival.

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challenge #BBD2015

challenge #BBD2015

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