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This year completely digital, all over social Media & at your favorite venue of course

Belgian Beer Day 2018 : Saturday April 7th

Live Global toasts every hour

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Welcome & Cheers !


This was Belgian Beer Day in 2013

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in Canada (west coast) in 2013


In Antwerp on the Beerfestival (the hometown of Belgian Beer Day) in 2015

Television Announcement (by Hans Bombeke) 2014


Go and check out the whole gallery with pic’s from all over the world

everything you could imagine wanting to know about a very special authentique sour craft beer called :

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a minute walk or a five minute walk in one of the most

authentique breweries in Belgium 

it’s  all up to you



here are 3  things you maybe  didn’t know before tonight :

soon with subtitles

And more things you should know to enjoy these beers even better 


And just when you think you have got it all , well then it’s time for some Q & A  !

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due to technical reasons we are (temporarily ) blogging on :  

The World (of) Beer News & much more !

Thx & Cheers to you all, Cheers


and a small , what dusty, but practical present for the beer geeks : 

 “belgian beer experiences” a small gift of wisdom , cheers ( an e-beer-guide )

pic voorblad

feel free to download please

cheers !




Blogging STARTS ON THIS Site FROM Thursday OCTOBER 1st 2015,..

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..And we will be testing all kind of things in media before & after we start with our first monthly special about the beginning of beers as we know it !

Sours & Flanders Ales, This SPECIAL STARTS on site & on Twitter on Thursday OCT 1st  2015  Cheers

rodenbachvintage_2012                                                                         timmermans

Gueuze is a special blend made up of 100% Lambic beer. Lambic is a traditional beer brewed using spontaneous fermentation in open-air basins with wild yeasts, only found in a particular region south-west of Brussels.

Typically, Gueuze consists of two thirds young Lambic and one third more matured Lambic.

The exact ratio depends on the differences in maturation is a carefully guarded secret of the local Gueuze brewers…..

But We are not giving everything away right now….. 

Thursday is D-Beer-DAY , Cheers

In the meanwhile our Twitter accounts @Belgianbeerday and @CaptainCheers keep on bringing you the beer-brew- and bar news from all over the globe, cheers again.

change the world

The Beginning : Mothers’ Day

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Why Antwerp (again) is stubborn Mother’s’ Day

Wondering each year on 15 August why the one Flemish city has its own mother? Here’s why.
In 1913 wrote Frans Van Kuyck, a liberal ships in Antwerp, a pamphlet “The Day of mothers. In it he suggested that on August 15, the feast of Mary, to celebrate Mother’s Day.
Mary was the patron of the city since 1124. Moreover, it was on August 15, always maintained a great Marian Procession.

Restoring role of the mother in the family

Due to the public holiday to celebrate the mothers, Van Kuyck hoped claims to be the dignity of the family in general and the role of the mother in the family in particular, to recover. He was of the opinion that modernization in the early 20th century had disrupted the social order.
Kuyck of the pamphlet distributed by the Antwerp press and mobilized the schools. He even used a real propaganda committee to convince fathers and children their wife / mother to lavish gifts on August 15.

US holiday

Only in 1914 US President Woodrow Wilson decided that every second Sunday in May would henceforth be a national holiday: Mother’s Day. As often happens, started many other countries, including Belgium, to take the American habit over time.
The citizens of Antwerp, however, remain stubbornly honor their mothers on 15 August.


Happy Mother’s’ Day& cheers




another of our Dreams

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  Dream with us !

As we see how the brewing vibe is spreading all over the World, Not only in the beer-belt countries in Europe and the whole of the USA but also in Asia & Down Under people are starting up breweries on every scale you can imagine. Even in the traditional wine-minded countries in the south of Europe and all parts of South America Craft Beer Brewing is a fast growing trend to enjoy drinking and producing beer a certain fact.

All those people, wherever they are, driven by a passion to re-install this craft and explore its fruits in their own or mixed traditions, don’t only share the interest in the fluid, but also the curiosity to discover new or other beers, made by fellow craftsmen elsewhere on the globe.

Thanks to social media, the global distribution, and transportation nowadays, they are able to inform themselves about what’s happening, changing or evolving on their global market.

Well our idea is to make that market a physical one, a yearly gathering by brewers for brewers. A “fair trade market – festival – branch-fair” for people active in the beer craft, and the  Global-Beer-Fan of course.

Where better to  host this Festival  then in Belgium. In a country in the hart of Europe  , where local beer-brewers have been loyal to authenticity  as well as differentiation in their products. Hundreds of local  traditions for centuries now, created a unique beer-scene with a never seen  variety in beers as a result.

A yearly International Beer festival, where breweries from all over the world are invited to show, share and sell their beers on a real market place here in the beautiful historical center of Antwerp. To meet up, and to talk or to discuss, to taste, to judge and to compare. But finally and in the end just probably mostly wanting  to share, to learn to feel to trade and to understand

a  picture  of  the place where this unique will take place.bolle grote markt

Fact is that my friends & crew, the city event team and the local beer and hospitality businesses are supporting this initiative with heart and soul . That the local government is positively curious about the outcome of our noble future plans But as a proud host will be welcoming and hosting the international beer-community as their honored guests.

Fact is that we are working hard on special transportation deals and shipping conditions or formulas for all participants and visitors.
That Antwerp is a city with a great beer-history for more the eight centuries.
That it is a two hour drive to Amsterdam(north) as well as to Paris(south).
There are about 180 breweries (the majority open for visits) in this 11.787 sq miles of Beer Paradise.

Let’s also not forget the extra commercial value for your business and other future professional possibilities in other various ways. The making of new or maintaining already existing relationships by way of live contact is typical & by far the greatest advantage of a event like this.

So dear reader that’s it for now. We know that the start and the first steps of any Event needs isn’t the easiest part and needs great efforts. This first year we’d like to create a good, fair trading and business climate with new opportunities for every participant, and the well meant smile of a satisfied visitor strolling on this years festival & for future years.
All this based on true camaraderie, open-minded friendship and the worldwide solidarity in the love for the craft, it’s beers and the respect for your fellow beer-lover.

Oh Yes, we do believe in this project. I am personally convinced the vision that the global trade by S MB’s will become an important part of the hopeful changing foundation of an Economical model with other, probably better, more human-minded and social Ethics.

But we need YOU too, YOUR opinion, YOUR knowledge

If you are interested in this event in any way  (participant-visitor-partner-consultant-volunteer-…), just let us know.

or        subscribe Here For a monthly info & newsletter , cheers 

change the world

Feel free to share our dream, with your friends, Cheers.

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The whole Belgianbeerday-team would like to thank all the participants for  making this beautiful event happen where ever you may have been, Thx & Cheers

thank you 1 BBD 2015thx & cheers


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The whole Belgianbeerday-team would like to thank all the participants for  making this beautiful event happen where ever you may have been, Thx & Cheers

thank you 1 BBD 2015
thx & cheers


Let The Games Begin , Cheers

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Every thing is set , well ……everything ???

The first Buddy venues are reporting present for a hell of a party , The first Breweries acknowledged their presence The Grand Market looks more beautiful then ever before . (it has new lightning) for an even better  experience in the evening hours of our event.

city hall 450 years


So with another 27 days and one hour  to go it already “looks”  good !

more news in the video blog this afternoon .The weather looks so great !

Oh , there was some discussion on twitter over the first buddies and whether it was gossip or truth, We can confirm the first selection of venues presented to join .

and here the Proud Participants  are :



But we need more so start getting your crew and crowd together and PARTICIPATE !!!

Cheers for now

, cheers

If anybody ‘s familiar with organisations or companies in need of an audience for their sponsorship on a big screen and /or by web streaming , please let us know asap, two cheers


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