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- A Craft Beer Celebration -


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Belgian Beer Day Worldwide 2014

First confirmations of  locations worldwide 

 The Belgian Beer Day Toast & Skype / Hours & Venues

April 4 at 4.am Antwerp time  (update)

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other venues can, of course, also join us for Belgian Beer Day just  organize your own Belgian Beer Day at your local bar, restaurant, house or boat . You can join any toast any time and watch the streaming on BBDTV and post us your pictures , video’s, or stories to our Facebookpage belgianbeerday

To subscribe any venue as an official Belgian Beer Day Venue just fill in this form and we will send you your official Certificate of Belgian Beer Day 2014,

if you have trouble subcribing using the link above,  copy and paste the following  URL in a new tab and fill in the form or mail us on venue@belgianbeerday.com


participating breweries 

you will also be listed on the official venue page , so other beerlievers  will  know where the good beer is and where the party is at.



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Beerstorming for a better world

The Vzw Captain Beerheart Foundation is a non profit organisation trying to bring, goodhearted beer related people, creative organisations and social projects together, to make this world a better world.

We raze funds by organizing 2, yearly, beer-festivals in Antwerp,Belgium  : an International Craft Beer Festival in September and Belgian  Beer Day the first Saturday of April.

Belgian Beer Day is bringing together Belgian Beer Brewers, regional beer-organizations, social projects and creative minds. Bringing these people together on the city market place ,the place where social life started and belongs, and add the knowledge that the best ideas were thought of by the Bar (=beerstorming* ) this festival should have a good vibe.

By toasting and  communicating “LIVE” (skype)  with other bars and beer-festivals worldwide we want to to show & share this global (beer) solidarity .

*beerstorming : URBAN DICTIONARY

The act of Brainstorming (politically correct version – Thought shower)within an alcohol-fuelled environment such as a pub or wine bar if you are a fancy Dan.
Let’s head down the pub for a beerstorming session to iron out the details, what are you drinking Sammy B?
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Het Stad , DE SkylineThe idea of both festivals is simple uniting Beer People worldwide.

At the Belgian Beer Day we connect by technology and meet each other by Live stream, Skype or Hang Outs in celebrating the Original Belgian Craft Brewers.

At the International Craft Beer Festival in Antwerp in September, we are inviting all craft brewers worldwide to come and meet up and share their beers at a (almost free) fair trade market in the middle of the Historical City Center of the beautiful City of Antwerp ,

See you all , drink safely  , and rememeber

There is Love in Every Cheers

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