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Belgian Beer Day will be a worldwide celebration on April 4 2015, and we are looking for 33 venues around the globe to join us for a Live – Skype Toasts between the City of Antwerp’s main Square and your venue, bar , party or festival.      

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Worldwide Live streaming   

Cheers , The #BBD2015 team.

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Frequent updates about beers , breweries & participants on site and our other channels.

challenge #BBD2015

challenge #BBD2015

Feel like joining us for the fun or need more info ,  fill this in please , & you’ll hear us soon :)

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And there is a lot more happening in 2015 ;

Together with Local Foundations or Charities we are planning to organize BelgianBeerWeekend’s in cities in the USA & Canada. Motivated ?? Contact us !

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The #BBD2015 team.