Belgian Beer Day Worldwide

Belgian  Beer Day is the day Beer-lovers worldwide unite and toast with each other to drink to “Love in every Cheers” and to the Authentic & Original  Belgian Craft Brewers & their Beers.

On Belgian Beer Day we toast around the world from the “Grote Markt” in the  historical  city-center of Antwerp.

On a big screen and using live stream webcams we toast staring at midday (and every 3 hours)   to the participating  venues Worldwide : Starting from Australia and the far east over India , going by Moscow drinking with the rest of Europe  and the UK  6 hours later.  We then cross the Ocean to the Brazilian time zone ending up in the USA toasting at our midnight (6 pm eastern time) To the whole of the USA & Canada. CHEERS.

You feel like joining us this year (all you need is a webcam and a screen. Oh yes & some Belgian beer could be tasteful.

Please  feel free to subscribe at the NEWSLETTER and keep informed about our events.

The participants of the Belgian Beer Day worldwide,beer-festival live from the Grote Markt in Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium