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Appelmans can look back on a very honourable past. The premises are already mentioned in manuscripts from the 13th century. In the 12th century it offered shelter to a chapter of canons that was attached to the Antwerp cathedral. In a cellar, which has remained splendidly preserved, the priests stored their wine for personal use and for worship services. On the purchase of these noble liquids they enjoyed an exemption from excise taxes. The entrance to the ‘Papenschool’, which was built in 1304 and was one of the first denominational schools of Antwerp, was located next to the cellar. The current premises were erected around 1900 and, after extensive restorations at the beginning of the century, were given a new function as the Brasserie Appelmans & Absinthbar.

After a sweeping reconstruction by the architectural team of Jo Peeters, BRASSERIE APPELMANS was opened for the Antwerp and international public on 8 November 2004. With the design of Jo Peeters, which has maintained the identity of the 19th century premises, and with lighting designed by Maarten Van Severen, we have attempted to create a beautiful, modern and accessible brasserie, where everyone can feel at home.
The name Appelmans is derived from the name of the master builder of ‘Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe kathedral’ in Antwerp, which is located in the immediate vicinity.

private bar:

Our authentic private bar, which is located on the large mezzanine, is a real jewel. This bar can be used for private dinners, or for exclusive meetings of up to 18 persons. It is also possible to hire the bar for smaller parties of up to 40 persons. We offer a broad range of top wines, strong spirits and cigars here, as well as a private barman for mixing cocktails and serving exclusive snacks. In short everything will be perfectly organised according to your wishes.

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