Brewery Dupont

The Rimaux-De Ridder farm-brewery was established in 1844 in Tourpes, Belgium. The farm was popularly known as Moinette owing to its having been formerly the property of the Benedictine abbey of Gembloux. In1920 Louis Dupont, an agricultural engineer, was wooed to stay in Belgium by his father who bought him a petite ferme avec brasserie. The farm continues to this day to produce artisanal cheeses and, of course, beers.


In 1990 the fourth generation Dupont made

its entry into the brewery in the person of Olivier Dedeycker, a brewing engineer who took over the brewing operation when his uncle, Marc Rosier, retired in 2002. While Olivier has doubled the output of the brewery over the past decade, he has been careful to preserve the special character of each beer. He’s reached near legendary status among brewers. You won’t meet a more modest man.


In addition to brewing the iconic Saison, Dupont is a pioneer in the brewing of ORGANIC beers in Belgium. We import four: Avril, Bière de Miel, Foret, and Foret Blanche. The newest entries—Posca Rustica (a Gruit), La Bière de Belœil (a strong Saison), Monk’s Stout, Redor Pils, and Foret Blanche have gotten phenomenal receptions here.


Coming in 2013: A special edition dry-hopped Saison Dupont.