Gueuze , Sours & other Flanders Ales


Gueuze is a special blend made up of 100% Lambic beer. Lambic is a traditional beer brewed using spontaneous fermentation in open-air basins with wild yeasts, only found in a particular region south-west of Brussels. Typically, Gueuze consists of two thirds young Lambic and one third more matured Lambic. The exact ratio depends on the differences in maturation is a carefully guarded secret of the local Gueuze brewers.

The Gueuze blend, containing the wild yeast flora, is then refermented in the bottle according to the “Methode Champenoise”. Not surprisingly, connoisseurs often refer to the sparkling Gueuze as “Brussels Champagne”. After 6 months in the cellar, the Geuze beer turns into a golden color. Originally with a typical cidery flavor and sour aftertaste, the more commercial Geuze beers today offer a more rounded and sweeter taste.

Sours & other Flanders Ales

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