The Beginning : Mothers’ Day

Why Antwerp (again) is stubborn Mother’s’ Day

Wondering each year on 15 August why the one Flemish city has its own mother? Here’s why.
In 1913 wrote Frans Van Kuyck, a liberal ships in Antwerp, a pamphlet “The Day of mothers. In it he suggested that on August 15, the feast of Mary, to celebrate Mother’s Day.
Mary was the patron of the city since 1124. Moreover, it was on August 15, always maintained a great Marian Procession.

Restoring role of the mother in the family

Due to the public holiday to celebrate the mothers, Van Kuyck hoped claims to be the dignity of the family in general and the role of the mother in the family in particular, to recover. He was of the opinion that modernization in the early 20th century had disrupted the social order.
Kuyck of the pamphlet distributed by the Antwerp press and mobilized the schools. He even used a real propaganda committee to convince fathers and children their wife / mother to lavish gifts on August 15.

US holiday

Only in 1914 US President Woodrow Wilson decided that every second Sunday in May would henceforth be a national holiday: Mother’s Day. As often happens, started many other countries, including Belgium, to take the American habit over time.
The citizens of Antwerp, however, remain stubbornly honor their mothers on 15 August.


Happy Mother’s’ Day& cheers